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As a survivor of early childhood trauma, I’ve endured the painful repercussions that later manifested as adult inter-relational violence. However, through my journey, I’ve effectively utilized the comprehensive range of services and modalities advocated by Call2Wellness.

My personal experiences have empowered me to share the invaluable benefits of these tools with others who have similar backgrounds. Through a process of trial and error, I’ve discovered various modalities that have aided me in navigating through the complexities of my past and present trauma. I am deeply committed to advocating for health, mental wellness, and nurturing our bodies towards achieving optimal homeostasis.

Homeostasis, a state of equilibrium maintained within an organism or cell through self-regulating processes, is fundamental to sustaining stable internal conditions, such as a constant temperature. It’s the mechanism by which biological systems uphold internal stability, akin to a biofeedback system facilitating restoration.

However, our natural healing ecosystem has been adversely affected by the intrusion of unnatural, synthetic, and polluting toxins, disrupting the conducive atmosphere for our bodies to adapt effectively. 

My commitment lies in facilitating the restoration of each individual to the optimal functioning intended by our Creator. I firmly believe that to restore our environment to its naturally healing capabilities, we must commence with ourselves. 

Often, healthcare exacerbates issues by merely “masking” symptoms with medications. A staggering 66 percent of all adults in the United States, totaling more than 131 million individuals, rely on prescription drugs, as indicated by data from the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University.

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It is incumbent upon each individual to manage and nurture their bodies and immediate surroundings. We are intricately interconnected through our cells, organs, ancestral DNA, and our relationship with the natural world. In my 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, I have grown disillusioned with the approach of Western medicine and its solutions to societal whole body care challenges.

The pervasive influence of big pharma and insurance company’s profits in medical care undermines optimal health. I advocate for personal responsibility, self-advocacy, and the promotion of alternative healthcare modalities. Our current healthcare system is more akin to “sick care” than wellness. My advocacy centers on addressing the root causes of individual health issues rather than merely alleviating symptoms.

Disease is not just a condition of discomfort; it signifies a lack of ease, necessitating a holistic understanding and approach to healing. 

Our approach is based on Dr. Daniel Amen’s “4 Circles of Wholeness and Healing” framework encompasses four key aspects of health and well-being: biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. According to Dr. Amen, addressing these four interconnected circles is essential for achieving overall wellness and healing. Here’s a brief overview of each circle:

  1. Biological: This circle focuses on physical health, including aspects such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and the management of any medical conditions. Dr. Amen emphasizes the importance of optimizing brain health and function through proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits.
  2. Psychological: The psychological circle encompasses mental health and emotional well-being. It involves managing stress, reducing anxiety, overcoming past traumas, and fostering resilience. Dr. Amen advocates for therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and meditation to enhance psychological well-being.
  3. Social: The social circle involves relationships, connections, and social support systems. Dr. Amen highlights the significance of nurturing healthy relationships, fostering social connections, and participating in supportive communities. Positive social interactions and a strong support network contribute to overall well-being and resilience.
  4. Spiritual: The spiritual circle encompasses a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection to something greater than oneself. It involves exploring one’s values, beliefs, and personal growth. Dr. Amen emphasizes the importance of finding meaning and purpose in life, whether through religion, spirituality, or other forms of self-discovery.

By addressing these four circles holistically, individuals can achieve greater wholeness, resilience, and overall well-being. Dr. Amen’s approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors in promoting healing and optimal health.

Client Feedback

“My Liebusting time with Peggy was surreal. Like nothing I ever experienced. I felt God’s presence so strong. I had a very clear vision of a huge crystal being placed in my womb. God used her to help me tremendously. I will always be so thankful to God for Peggy’s gifting.”

~ Shelly B.

“I’m so thankful for Liebusters and Peggy. During a season where it felt like I was all out of options. A door was open to freedom and tools to walk in freedom that I don’t think I would have had otherwise. So thankful.”

~ Makenzie M.

"So many of these TRUTHS are materializing in my life. I am filled with inspiration, healing, and JOY!  Thank you
so much for being of service to the Lord. I am so grateful for this life-shifting experience with you. It is opening so many doors in my heart and mind."

Love, Sarah L.

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