Brain Dysfunction is the #1 reason why people fail to reach their goals. Coaching them to better brain health to address underlying dysfunction is the final pivotal key needed for them to follow through on suggestions and reach their potential.

        ~ Dr. Daniel G. Amen

The Problem ...

Brain related problems affect 200 million Americans at some point in their lives.

  • Brain fog, memory problems
  • Depression/Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Attentional Issues
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity and weight problems
  • Addiction 
  • Brain injury
  • Impact from Trauma
  • DNA and Genetic Influences
  • Environmental Impacts
  • When your brain works right – you feel and work right
  • When your brain is in trouble – you are likely to have trouble in your life.
  • There are 14 warning signs your brain is in trouble
  • Traumatic Brain Injury can adversely affect one’s life. Brain injuries are a major cause of psychiatric illness, substance abuse, homelessness, behavior problems and suicide.
Brain SPECT/Scan/Amen Clinics

Why a Brain Health Professional?

“Change your brain, change your life and change the brain and lives of others!”  That is the motto of Dr. Daniel G. Amen from Amen University.

A Brain Health Professional is a coach that has studied under Amen Clinics and has extensive knowledge and breakthrough solutions on obtaining optimum brain health and recovery.  As a Brain Health Professional, I can help lead clients to better brain health tools and strategies.  First by understanding how the brain works and implementing a working plan for each individual based on their specific needs.  It doesn’t matter your stature in life, whether you have been impacted by trauma, brain injuries, poor health and/or are just lacking motivation. We look for the root problems, not just the symptoms.

You’ll also find information on Amen Clinics’ sister company, BrainMD, where you can find nutraceuticals, Amen University Courses, brain-healthy foods, and more that will help provide extensive information to enhance your brainpower. With a better brain, you can achieve your goals at work, school, on the field, in your physical or mental well-being, or your relationships. And when clients are more successful, I am more successful!

With a better brain comes a better life. The time is now for a brain health revolution, and it all starts with you!

The Solution

What’s Your Brain Type?

  • With help, commitment, forethought, and the use and application of Amen Clinics methods, you can boost your BRAIN and improve everything in your life!
  • Your Brain Makes You Who You Are.
  • Get to Know Yourself!

Do you have ADD or ADHD?

  • Learn which type of ADD you (or your loved one) may have
  • Discover more about your brain type & how to optimize it
  • If you have ADD, learn the most effective strategies for your type