Liebusting is a fast, simple, powerful yet gentle freedom prayer model that facilitates the power of God to set you free to live out your purpose.

Each session takes 60-90 minutes and can be done in person or over the Internet.

The outcome is oneness with self, others and with GOD. The process may include own life and blood line cleansing, DNA reset, integration of stuck personality parts, land redemption and life changing heavenly encounters.

How does it work?

Liebusters is a process that employs the biblical principles of Spirit led revelation, confession and repentance. It is a honed tool to make this process highly efficient and very effective.

In the Garden of Eden, Eve believed the lies of the serpent, which resulted in separation from God, so it follows that by busting lies, we can become reconnected to God.

This is what Jesus taught and demonstrated. He came to destroy the works of the enemy and reveal the Father, and this is exactly what He is still doing through Liebusters today!

Liebusters is a fast, simple, powerful and gentle healing prayer model developed by Jonathan Cavan, as a 20-year freedom journey. After 5,000 hours of trials and refinement over an 8-year period.

Developed in response to Jonathan’s hunger for freedom in his own marriage and family, Liebusters was born from that intimate place of a child’s heart cry to his loving father (God). God’s response was deeply profound yet so simple – a Spirit-led process in which God reveals the issues HE wants to deal with and identifies where they are rooted.

We then partner with God to nail any lies, break their power and receive the revelation of truth. Liebusters employs the Biblical principles of confession (of lies) and repentance (unto truth).

By dealing with the unhealthy roots, the fruits become healthy. Liebusters is known particularly for the way in which it addresses generational issues, as revealed by God to the Liebustee or recipient.

Science has now proven that trauma gets encoded on to our DNA and is passed down through the generations. In Liebusters we see immense freedom, release and healing (spiritual, emotional and physical) as generational issues caused by trauma are identified and dealt with by God.

In addition to identifying roots of trauma, whether they be own life or generational, God has taught Jonathan how He seeks to experience oneness with us and that to achieve this fully we first need to have oneness with ourselves – to be whole.

The issue of dissociated parts and integration is one that affects most of us, but it’s a topic that many of us know very little about. Put simply, parts of us can get stuck emotionally at different ages because of traumatic events that may have happened in our past.

We can then get triggered into these stuck parts and therefore, even as adults, we can assume their emotional coping states.

Often in relationships we can trigger one another and feel disconnected when different parts of us are operating. This makes for inconsistent and confusing relationships that lack sustained intimacy.

God has taught Jonathan how to lovingly integrate these stuck parts in just a few minutes so that they no longer get triggered and operate separately from the core self. This results in the ability to have sustained intimacy both with others and with God, allowing us to enjoy the kind of oneness with God that Jesus cries out for in his prayer in John 17.

Both Liebustees and Liebusters love the fact that Liebuster sessions are totally Spirit led, meaning there is no human agenda – making it feel very safe.

We also aim to maintain a ‘Spirit to spirit’ connection between God and the Liebustee, rather than a ‘Spirit to soul’ connection.

When the soul becomes engaged, negative emotions may rise up from past memories which we have found to be both unnecessary and unhelpful. Many have commented that Liebust sessions leave both the Liebuster and Liebustee feeling energized and uplifted, rather than drained.

Finally, Liebusters is not just about inner healing and deliverance – it is so much more than that. We are not saved from sin so that we can go to heaven when we die.

We are saved from sin so that we can access heaven now and bring heaven to earth – the Liebusters process facilitates this. Many ask how Liebusters compares to other healing prayer models, but it’s not for us to make comparisons. We firmly believe that we live in an age of acceleration and that God wants to do things a lot more quickly now than even 5 years ago.

Liebusters seems to be an expression of this acceleration. Many who have been trained in Liebusters have been trained in other healing prayer models and the consensus seems to be that Liebusters is simple, fast, powerful and gentle – a ‘next gen’ freedom tool.

Who is it for?

Liebusters has been designed to be simple, fast, powerful and gentle, so it really is for anyone who has a passion for freedom and a desire to see the Kingdom of God advance.

Liebusters can be used by churches as a small group equipping resource and/or by their healing ministry teams. Liebusters can be used amongst friends and families.

If you would like to request a Liebust session – just click here.